Welcome to the online edition of Choral Arts New England's newsletter. This publication is for news, announcements, and discussion of matters of interest to choruses and choral singers throughout New England. We will publish, among other things:


  • Accounts of special choral events such as performances, workshops, classes, community activities;
  • Announcements of notable changes in personnel, in choruses, or in funding;
  • Sharing of new ideas—in repertoire, performance, audience engagement, and more;
  • Stories about people, places, or things that are of particular interest to choral singers.


  • Concert reviews and comments on them


  • Concert notices (see also our online choral calendar)
  • Auditions for new singers or soloists (see also our chorus directory)
  • Other events (fundraising activities, special talks or seminars)


  • Online discussion groups.

The site is still under development, and we look forward to rapidly making improvements in ease of use, but we hope you will take advantage of it right now. New items will be written by our (volunteer) staff—we welcome your ideas! You may send in material for the announcements page; it will be posted with minimal editing, together with your fliers or other related graphics. Discussion groups will be implemented as soon as possible. It is our hope that this newsletter will help to build a stronger choral community throughout New England. We hope this forum will allow sharing good ideas and encourage communication between all of us who share love for choral singing. We also recognize that one of the strongest traits of New Englanders is a rugged regionalism, and therefore aim to make it easy to connect within a state or region as well. All news stories and posts will be tagged with the state(s) and regions most concerned, and that information can be used to display only those of interest. We welcome your ideas, announcements, and other contributions; send them to news@choralarts-newengland.org

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